Alishia Boot

Principal Dermal Specialist, Founder & Owner of Bare.

“I will never over promise and under deliver on results. If I say I’ll make a change, trust that I take my results very personally. Your time, investment and skin is of the utmost importance, and will forever be respected by myself and my team.”

- Alishia Boot, Founder

As a young girl, our founder Alishia knew she wanted to be an artist. She wanted to create stunning works on blank canvases. She was also on a mission to serve women and accentuate their beauty, boost their confidence and help them feel comfortable and happy in their own skin.


Alishia combined these passions and began her mission working in Makeup Artistry. For years, she created beautiful, transforming looks on women of all shapes, sizes and skin colour. However, she began to notice that her blank skin canvases were always impaired, texturally irregular, dehydrated and always challenging to work with. 

Over time she started to feel saddened and unfulfilled as she watched women wash away her works of art that she was so proud of. Along with the makeup, the positive differences and joyful emotions that she witnessed in these women, were also washed down the drain. 

She wanted to create sustainable art that is long term. She wanted to prolong the impact and change she saw women feel and experience when they first lay eyes on their transformation. 

So she hung up her cosmetic paints and brushes and the next step of her impactful journey started to unfold. She made two long-standing goals that she wanted to achieve. She wanted to create a genuine long-lasting change in women and create a sanctuary for women that was ethical, honest and upheld the highest level of service and care. 

She turned her focus on: SKIN. 

Alishia immersed herself in becoming an expert on the fundamentals of skin aging and reversible skin conditions and becoming an accomplished Principal Dermal Therapist. She has specialist expertise in advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments for dermatological disorders and age management. She is now an industry leader of paramedical corrective procedures and is well respected by her peers. 

She opened the doors to her dream sanctuary Bare Laser & Skin Clinic in 2016 and has created a home for women who crave honesty, results, integrity, and love. 

But it hasn’t come without its challenges. In 2015, Alishia and her husband Andrew lost their baby girl at less than 20 weeks gestation. An event that changed their lives forever. It has since been a driving force and motivation for Alishia to be a strong and passionate role model for her lost little one who lives forever in their hearts.

As well as being a mother to a successful Skin Clinic with hundreds of satisfied clients, she is a proud mum to their little daughter Winnie who is their continuing inspiration and motivation. 

Today, Alishia continues to transform women by making a long term, permanent impact on their skin and their lives. She has accomplished her goals and continues to strive for perfection with elegance and integrity. 



Cosmetic Nurse

Cosmetic nurse Ally is a registered nurse who specialises in both basic and advanced cosmetic injections.

Ally has worked and trained alongside some of Melbourne’s most renowned cosmetic physicians and plastic surgeons. With her level of expertise and in-depth knowledge of facial aesthetics and anatomy, she produces dramatic, long term results that leave our clients feeling happy and satisfied with our service.